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About us

James classes is an academic training centre for high school students started by Mr James way back in 1987 and later joined by his wife Mrs Sophy James. Promoters have vast experience in the field of education, counseling, motivational training . We have a structured our education system which meets the requirement of Boards and enable students to learn by understanding. The curriculum which includes coursework as per respective educational boards/schools and discussion, practice and learning of each topic for proper understanding which gives a complete educational experience. Our curriculum is aligned with school wide academic expectations and shall ensure student get sufficient opportunities to practice and achieve each of those expectations

Our teaching strategies include personalized instructions, make connections across disciplines, engage students as active learners, engage students as self directed learners, involve them in higher order thinking to promote in depth understanding and provide opportunities to students to apply knowledge and skills. We shall provide opportunities for all students to extent learning beyond the normal course offering and the school campus. Our team is actively involved in follow up and revision of the study material based on assessment of student performance in achieving the academic expectation and course specific learning goals.

We use varied assessment strategies to determine students knowledge, skill and competencies . Our teachers meet collaboratively to discuss and share students work and the result of student’s assessment. We do have frequent joint meeting with student and parents for understanding their problems and suggestions for improvement.

The way in which we organizes learning for students fosters leadership in them and improve their listening skills and train them to be more articulate. The professional culture of the classes must be characterized by thoughtful, reflective and constructive discourse about decision making and practices which supports student learning and well being.


To become most sought after coaching academy by implementing learning by understanding..


Continuously strive towards providing awareness of career opportunities and to enhance the human value by providing qualitative and effective training from time to time.

A Venture of James Classes.